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History and Culture in Mazatlan

From it's pre-Columbian days populated by the Totorames over 200 years before the arrival of the Spanish, Mazatlan was settled by indigenous hunter gatherers skilled in pottery and arts. Although later area tribes put up fierce resistence, eventually the Spanish succeeded and became permanent residents of the place known as Mazatlan in the early 1600's.


Tour the History - Mazatlan has a rich history from these times reflected in the local architecture, arts, foods and culture. You'll find over 400 buildings designated for historic preservation. There are tours and educational exhibits for your education and interest.

20th Century Mazatlan - Mazatlan's history is rich during the 20th century, specially during the Mexican Revolution, the Depression Era before the growth of the tourism economy during the 1950's and 1960's. You can share in the experience of Mazatlan's culture.

Mazatlan - The Resort - Mazatlan became one of the first resort destinations in Mexico. It's particular combination of long sunny beaches, European influenced architecture and culture made it an ideal setting for both sun seekers and those interested in learning more about the culture, arts, foods and architecture of Mexico and the surrounding area.

Galleries and Museums - You'll find numerous museums, galleries, monuments and other points of interest on your trip. Mazatlan is a favorite stop to learn more about the history of the region, from pre-Columbian culture to the modern Mexican resort experience.

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