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Marc Saxe on Fundamentals of Marketing at ARDA 2006 Convention: This links to Saxe comments at the Fundamentals of Marketing session at the 2002 Convention. Check back for a link to his current topic, "Marketing Timeshare on the Internet" at the 2006 Fundamentals of Marketing session. It will be posted soon.

The 2006 session will be on Tuesday, March 28th, 8:30 to 10:00 AM at the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas in Room Casanova 601. Other panelists include: Bill Tsao, Paul Savage, Andrea Pazden and Mitch Roth. Attendees will get an overview of current vacation ownership marketing practices and methods from industry professionals in Marketing Organization, Lead Generation, Call Center Operations, Internet Marketing and Legal Issues. It will be exciting and interesting.

These are a collection of works of Marc Saxe appearing at These articles cover issues involved in the day to day sales and marketing of vacation ownership products. They are geared for the development community as well as the timeshare careerist, journeyman (and journeywoman) and novice.

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The Riddle of the Week Poses the question: "What are we doing to the marketplace with our style of promotions?" It's buried in a bit of fun, and conversation about how we got here, and how sales and marketing styles have changed over the years. 

An Open Mind A fun article talks about how to create an Open Mind and the nature of our customers when they arrive at the showroom.

Web Tours 101 An idea of how we use the internet to promote tour flow at your resort, without diluting your messages to your members, vendors and investors.

An Open Mind A fun article talks about how to an Open Mind and the nature of our customers when they arrive at the showroom.

Elephant Eaters Discusses ways for all of us to take action to do our part to solve the big issues facing our industry…one bite at a time.

Do Ads Work? How and when ad campaigns work to bring in customers and sales.

Hamburger or Filet? Keep an eye on closing techniques when planning your next project!

Be Your Future A gentle point in the right direction to use all the tools to generate prospects and sales.

ARDY You a Profit Center? Are you? CRM (customer relationship management) and the little things that can be done to increase profits.

Quick Tips Free professional guidance and information to stay current with the information explosion.


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